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Flexible Funding!!

The goal of $5750 has been reached!! However, there is still time left to contribute and claim one of the great rewards. Any funds received beyond the goal will go towards purchasing promotional copies for radio play and industry people.

Hello, I’m singer songwriter Luke Michielsen, thanks for being here.  I’m very excited that my new 12 song album, Oh Surround Me, is nearly ready for your ears.  By funding this album, you are supporting the music and arts community, and greatly impacting how far this album will reach.


I’ll send you a super fun reward in return for your contribution!  Check out all 11 choices by scrolling down the right side of this webpage.  I even recorded a bonus 5 song acoustic EP as an extra special thanks to anyone who chooses a Core Supporter reward.  

To contribute now, choose your reward and click on it.  You will be taken to a secure Paypal check out where you can pay with credit card, or your Paypal account.  If you are uncomfortable with online transactions, please send me an email at lukemichielsen@gmail.com.  You can pay with cash too, or send me a cheque, or I can process your credit card over the phone or in person.

What’s Oh Surround Me About?

Writing and recording the songs has been so much fun for me.  My heart is in this music. The new album features full arrangements of songs in a way that I’ve never been able to realize on previous albums. In other words, I went all out on this one.

As some of you may know, I’ve been through the whirlwind of diagnosis and treatment of testicular cancer during the past four years. Positives have come from the struggle as they usually do, and I think you’ll hear it in these cool new songs. This is not a sad album, I promise, but a celebration of life and moving on with what I love doing.  If you know my older music, you’ll find I dig a little deeper, sing with more abandon, have some fun and reach new heights with my art on this new record. I’m extremely proud of this album and I hope it inspires you!

Why $5750?  Where does the money go?

While the songs help with my anxiety, the costs involved certainly don’t.  I’m risking a lot here.  At the same time, I realize the privilege I have to be in the position to take a risk.  I’m not about to squander that privilege.  I want to use it for good.

This album has already been recorded, so rest completely assured, you will be getting your rewards promptly before the end of September.  However, I still need to pay for some of the production costs as well as mixing, mastering and manufacturing.   Your contributions are going directly to cover these costs.  These costs are necessary to be able to make the best album I can make.  This album has employed more than ten artists to help make it happen.   It’s their album too!

The total costs for this album are as follows:

  • $12,000 for production (approx 200 hours studio time, approx. 200 hours producer/engineer time, gear rentals, 60 hours mixing)
  • $3000 for musician fees (2 months of rehearsals, drummer, bass, synth, backing vocals, jazz guitar, cello, saxophonist, chips and beer for choir)
  • $1500 for mastering (20 hours mastering engineer)
  • $1000 artwork (painting for cover art, graphic designer)
  • $1000 for manufacturing (pressing CDs, digital distribution)

For a total of = $18,500

$7000 of this album has already been funded through Ontario Arts Council grant money.  I’m so grateful for this grant.  I was jumping for joy when I got it.  Please understand I submitted a budget of $15,000 to the Ontario Arts Council in my application.  In order to keep the grant money, I have to make the album I said I was going to make, and deliver a hard copy to them.

I have spent $3000 of my own money so far, and I plan on spending another $2750.  I’m hoping my supporters can match the amounts I’ve personally contributed.  That’s why I’ve made my goal $5750.

I have a few more months to pay for these things, so the goal is to raise $5750 by July 27, 2014.  If the goal is not reached, all of the funds will still go towards the above mentioned costs and you’ll get your rewards no matter what.

I should also mention, I created this entire funding set-up on my own website, so there isn’t a crowd funding company taking 4%-8% of your contributions for hosting (*cough* Kickstarter, *cough* Indiegogo).  That means all of your money, minus credit card processing fees of about 2%, goes to the music!

The Impact

Many people don’t understand when I tell them I’m a musician.  They think my goal is to get really popular, or get discovered and open for Taylor Swift’s world tour, or reach a career pinnacle by winning American Idol or something.  That’s not it though.  My real goal is to continue to work hard at what I’ve been doing for the last seven years – creating a growing community of core supporters who are connected to me through music.

I owe my success to my core fans, guitar students, industry folks, live gigs, the Ontario Arts Council, my employer Stonebridge Guitars, and of course my family.  It’s not the easiest line of work, but it’s my passion.  I can imagine my future twenty years down the road still doing what I love.  I won’t be upset if things don’t go as planned but I have a feeling they will.

Your contribution to this album will have a huge impact on how far I’ll be able to go with this album.  I have so many plans for it.  I plan on bringing music workshops into schools, playing hundreds of shows across Canada, USA and Europe, and advertising the album on social media so I can bring my music to a larger national and international audience.  I can’t do it alone.  Your support means everything to me.

I do music as a career because it makes me feel useful.  Not only is it a great creative outlet, but I get to entertain people!  The appreciation that audiences give me is wonderful and that is what makes me want to continue.  If nobody cared, I would still love my music, but I’d be lying if I said I’d be as fulfilled if nobody cared about it.

Other ways you can help!

Some of you just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help.  You can still help by getting the word out.  You can share this webpage www.lukemichielsen.com with your friends.  Send an email about the album funding to someone you think will care.  Get in contact with me at lukemichielsen@gmail.com if you have any other ideas as to how I can get the word out.  Maybe your mom is a news anchor that wants to run this story!



Thank you so much for your continued support.  I know you’re going to love this album.  I made it for you!!

Walkin On

This is the artwork we’re using for the album cover. It was painted by Chris Austin on a reclaimed birch panel.

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Thank you for helping me reach my goal!
The campaign is now over.