Berlin, ON – Single

Release Date: 2017-09-01
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I understand the anger on both sides–
My grandfather’s disdain for the makers of the car I drive
In a foreign land we created a divide
They changed the name of the town where we live
But there’s a history we can’t hide.

We all have an evil past
Carpet bombs and mustard gas
We can’t let hate have the last word
So let’s change it back

Berlin, Berlin

If we change it back it’ll still be colonial
Somebody told me songs shouldn’t be political
I disagree — I’ve learned the opposite
Because we all have music in us
We just have to learn how to find it


Released September 1, 2017
Guitar & Vocals: Luke Michielsen
Electric Guitar: Corey Heuvel
Drums: Owen Cherry
Bass: Stephen Trothen
Trumpet: Ted Guy
Produced by Joshua Cwintal
Recorded and mixed by Jordan Moore
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Laquer Channel Mastering

Album Review

Luke Michielsen loves to read historic plaques. The inspiration for his latest single "Berlin, ON" comes from a monument in Victoria Park.

"I do understand that it is a certain history being told," says the Kitchener-based singer/songwriter.

"I love thinking about that kind of stuff — what would life had been like here 100 years ago ... 200 years ago," he muses. "The house that I live in was built in 1900."

Some people still recall those days and the anger on both sides history.

"I even had an Irish man come up to me after one of my shows," says Michielsen. "He said, 'Oh yeah, I grew up on the same street where the Lord Kitchener birth home is and we are all so embarrassed by him,'" he adds.

"Berlin, ON" is a powerful song and Michielsen has plans to include a remix of the single on his next album.
- Coral Andrews - Waterloo Region Record