Oh Surround Me

Release Date: 2014-10-14
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All songs written by Luke James Michielsen © 2014

www.lukemichielsen.com | lukemichielsen@gmail.com

Produced, recorded and mixed by Mike Langford at The Pawnshop Studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. www.heylangford.com

Luke Michielsen – acoustic guitars, vocals, harmonica, electric guitar on 6

Jeff Woods – synth, piano | Owen Cherry – drums | Milosz Sikora – bass

Thom Gill – electric guitar on 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 | Samuel Bisson – cello on 4, 5, 11, 12

D’Eve Archer – vocal harmonies on 3, 7, 8 | Martin Eckert – saxophones 

Mike Langford – drums on 10, percussion, extras

Sean Graham, Kevin Graham, Ryan Watson, Josh Doherty, Rochelle, Carly Malone Smith, Jim Shutz, Owen Cherry, Jessica Fleming  – group vocals on 1, 5, 7, 11

Maarten, Rienk & Jan Michielsen – Belgian backing vocals on 6

Mastered at Wreckhouse Mastering by Peter Letros in Toronto, ON.

The cover art is a painting by Chris Austin called “Walkin’ On”


Graphic design and layout by Adam Crossman


Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council and my core supporters for funding this project.  Thanks to Jeff, Owen and Milosz for your invaluable creativity and input while workshopping and recording.  Thanks to Langford for having my back in Super C (and the work on the album).  Thanks to Roger and Ken at Stonebridge Guitars International for the five awesome guitars I used on the album and the paid leave. Thanks to the Belgians for recording superb backups in Antwerp on for Well Maintained.  Thanks to Sean and Fran for the accommodations in Toronto.  Thanks to Roger Schmidt for photographing the painting.  Thanks to Lou, Jan and Martha for supporting the project.  Thanks to Sarah for your belief in this creation.  There are so many more people to thank.  If I missed you please forgive me.

Album Review

"Oh Surround Me" was funded by the Ontario Arts Council and produced with longtime collaborator Mike Langford who also worked on other Michielsen albums over the years.

Michielsen has a core group of people on "Oh Surround Me" including Owen Cherry on drums and Milosz Sikora, from Knock Knock Ginger, and Catlantis, plus Jeff Woods of Hinindar, who also ran The Trepid House.

Michielsen spent three months working with these musicians, and then added jazz guitarist Thom Gill to the mix.

"I saw Thom years ago at Guelph when he was part of the Fountain Street Blues Project," recalls Michielsen. "So I started following him. He played with Owen Pallett (Broken Social Scene) and he plays with John Southwood," he adds.

Other musicians include D'eve Archer from Guelph on backup vocals, Martin Eckart on saxophone, and symphony cellist Samuel Bisson.

"The numbers really jumped when I brought in a group of my 10 friends," says Michielsen.

"Hypothermia" is a sweeping fire-and-ice love revelation. Other full chorus tracks include "Every Time I Come Home," and "Pine Needles. "

Michielsen also plans to release an acoustic version of "Pine Needles" as a digital single which will available on the usual streaming services.

"Pine Needles," "Well Maintained," and "To Change is to Fall" feature spare meandering guitar riffs similar to the "heartland" indie rock sound of Kurt Vile and The War on Drugs.
- Coral Andrews